Hi! I’m a Graphic Artist and Designer in Darwin, NT.  

I’ve drawn & produced letters, logos and artwork for everything from packaging for baked goods, music video title cards, irreverent characters for local publisher Liquid Wizard, to identity design for emotions in the exhibition Everything Must Go

I get my kicks from the distillation of complex concepts into simple, digestable graphic forms that surprise and delight. I like to work with colour palettes that sing, typeset intuitively, and inject my work with a warm sense of humour. Thoroughly exploring the brief is the best way to create intelligent design solutions – I am constantly drawing upon my analytical skills from a past life as a scientist.

Clients: Bamboo Bum, BOOM Foods, Bus Projects, City of Yarra, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, Human Rights Art & Film Festival, Liquid Wizard, MESOP, Naked Waste, Nanny Match, PEEP Optical, Peninsula Grammar, Peninsula Health, Red Nose, Refugee Council of Australia, Sustainable Living Festival, Warner Music.

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